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  1. Will it be possible to get people to contribute to this site?
  2. Is it possible for this site to become meaningful and useful?
  3. Are there situations where an algebraic code is applicable and a probabilistic code is not?
  4. Does minimum distance matter?
  5. Idealism vs. Pragmatism
  6. What causes error floors?
  7. Why do probabilistic decoders not correct error patterns with only a few errors?
  8. What are the steps in developing an LDPC encoder and decoder system?
  9. What are the steps in developing a binary BCH encoder and decoder system?
  10. What the the steps in developing a RS encoder and decoder system?
  11. Will LDPC codes obsolete algebraic codes?  Why? Why not?
  12. The Role of LDPC Codes
  13. The Role of Algebraic Codes
  14. Decoder Performance
  15. Outcomes of Decoding
  16. What can one say about the performance of Probabilistic Codes?
  17. What can you say about the performance of Algebraic Codes?
  18. What is the error detection ability of CRC, take CRC16 for example?